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Service Plans

A service plan from Allen Ford is the easy way to avoid the inconvenience and financial strain of paying for large service bills all at once. The agreements available today enable you to pay for aftersales work monthly via direct debit, all at once when you purchase your next Ford or as part of your finance agreement.

How does an Allen Ford service plan work?

The amount you pay monthly is calculated based on the individual requirements of you and your vehicle, so any plan can be adjusted to match your budget. Once the figure has been agreed you simply book with the Allen Ford team when your next scheduled service is due. The cost is taken from your service plan fund, with no added funds needed.

What happens if I change my car?

If you decide to swap cars, the remainder of your service plan fund is refunded, and a new plan is calculated based on this new vehicle.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply contact your nearest Allen Ford dealership using the online form and a member of the team will respond with a calculation of your individual plan. Alternatively you can visit us in person to discuss your agreement face to face. If you are happy with the terms it can be set up quickly, and we can book your next aftersales appointment at the same time.