Do I Qualify For Ford Privilege?

The Benefits Ford Privilege Can Offer Daventry Employees

As a Daventry employee, pensioner or beneficiary, you and your family can benefit from the Ford Privilege scheme, which allows you to purchase Ford vehicles at a greatly reduced price.

So how does the scheme work?

As an employee of Ford Motor Company Limited or an associate company, you can now buy up to 5 Ford vehicles within a 9-month period under the Ford Privilege scheme.

How much can I save?

Please enquire now

How do I go about it?

To make a purchase under the Ford Privilege scheme you first need to register your intent to use your Ford Privilege entitlement. You can do this by enquring now.

Who can benefit?

A full list of eligible family members is below.

  • Grandfather / Grandmother
  • Grandson / Granddaughter
  • Father / Mother
  • Brother / Sister
  • Son / Daughter
  • Spouse / Partner
  • Uncle / Aunt
  • Nephew / Niece
  • Father-in-law / Mother-in-law
  • Step father / Step mother
  • Step son / Step daughter
  • Son-in-law / Daughter-in-law
  • Brother-in-law / Sister-in-law
  • Half brother / Half sister
  • Step brother / Step sister
  • Step Grandchildren
  • Half Niece / Half Nephew

More Information

If you have any questions relating to the scheme please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Allen Ford Dealer for a brochure.