Which Cars Could I Have?

When it comes to choosing a car that best suits your needs, understanding what the different types are can help you to make the right choice. Look for the following categories in our offers page to narrow your selections.

Please note: a vehicle may fit into multiple categories and images are only examples.

Small cars

Small Cars Smaller cars tend to have lower Advance Payments, lower running costs and lower CO2 emissions than larger vehicles. 2-3 door cars generally have wider doors with larger opening angles. This may make access easier, however be aware that closing the door and fitting in narrow parking spaces may be more difficult. 4-5 door cars benefit from back seat passenger doors, which can be useful if you often have more than one passenger in the car.

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Medium cars

Medium Cars Medium-sized cars are often available in hatchback and will have a slightly bigger boot than a standard small car. The 2-3 door model will have a wider door opening angle and the seatbelts will be set further back. The 4-5 door version is useful if you often have passengers in the car as they will have their own doors to exit.Â

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Ford Focus

Large cars

Large Cars Large cars are large 4-door saloons or 5-door hatchbacks and are considerably larger than medium sized cars. A hatchback car usually has a raise-open door at the back where the boot is integrated with a rear window, which can mean more storage space. Saloons have a more traditional boot, which opens independently of the rear window.

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Ford Mondeo

Estate cars

Estate Cars This is a longer version of a standard saloon or hatchback with useful space for mobility aids in the boot. If you are considering an estate but haven't driven one before it is important to take a test drive as they are longer than standard vehicles, which may affect how you get around in your local area.

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Multi-purpose vehicles (MPV)

MPVs Ranging from small to large, MPVs can seat up to seven people. The seats are higher, with more headroom, legroom and width. Some have large sliding side doors.

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4x4 and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)

4x4 Cars The term '4x4' is usually used to describe vehicles designed for off-road use which generally have higher ground clearance. Until recently, all 4x4s had 4-wheel drive, however, nowadays, people sometimes choose 4x4 vehicles because of their design rather than off-road use. In response to this trend, 4x4s are not always 4-wheel drive; manufacturers now offer vehicles with 4x4 design (larger, higher ground clearance) but with only 2-wheel drive.

SUV is the US term for a 4x4 vehicle with off-road styling.

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