Motability advance payment

If your disability necessitates a larger, more expensive Ford vehicle, an advance payment may be required.

The payment is designed to cover the difference between the sum of your mobility allowance and the car’s overall price. When arranging the price, manufacturers take into consideration the car’s servicing and maintenance costs, as well as its expected re-sale value, to determine a competitively-priced fixed sum.

Although the payment is non-refundable, our Motability experts negotiate with Ford every three months to determine a fairly-priced deal for all our customers. If you need a vehicle with extensive adaptions yet cannot afford the advance payment, the Motability Scheme can provide direct financial assistance via a means-tested grant.

You can pay the advance payment on or before the day you collect your brand new Ford car, or pay by cheque. We advise that, if you pay by cheque, you pay at least seven days before your collection to make sure the payment clears.

If you would like more details on the advance payment offer, or on the Motability Scheme grants, feel free to pop into your nearest Allen Ford dealership today.