​Ford commercial vehicle service plans 

Sign up for a Personal Service Plan to pay for aftersales work in the most convenient way.

Benefits of a service plan

  • Fixed prices for the length of your plan
  • Budgeting for servicing is straightforward as you know exactly how much needs to be paid each month
  • Service work is booked when you need it with no delays
  • Flexible terms allow you to change the mileage or contract length if your circumstances change
  • A Personal Service Plan is the simple way to maintain your van’s quality and preserve its resale value. 
  • ​How does it work?

    After setting up your plan, all you need to do is book a scheduled servicing when it is due. The cost will be taken from your Personal Service Plan fund. The amount you pay monthly will be calculated based on the anticipated mileage, length of ownership and current cost of parts and labour. 

    There are three ways to pay for your plan:

  • A monthly direct debit
  • As a single lump sum when you purchase your van or after a service; or
  • Through finance by combining your plan with a finance agreement. 
  • What if I want to change my van?

    Any unused funds will simply be refunded, and we can arrange a new plan based on your chosen model.

    Apply today

    Make an enquiry about your own Personal Service Plan using the online form and one of our advisers will calculate your plan quickly. If you agree with our figures you can sign up in minutes.

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