Ford Fiesta Van

From £12,195

Ford Fiesta Van

All-New Fiesta Van

From £12,195.00

The totally redesigned new Ford Fiesta Van is as exciting to look at as it is to drive. With the sophistication and versatility to make a big impression wherever your business takes you, the new Fiesta Van is small enough to tackle busy city streets but has the power to eat up the miles on the open road.

Ford Fiesta Van Red
Ford Fiesta Van Front & Rear
Ford Fiesta Van Front

Fiesta Van

With a cabin that's been designed to make your work day a breeze, the new Fiesta Van is the ultimate business partner. Spacious, comfortable and stylishly appointed, it offers a stunning range of smart technology and safety features.

From the prominent front grille to the sleek and sophisticated tailgate, the new Fiesta Van has been completely redesigned inside and out. The new sculpted exterior exudes presence and individuality without compromising on the reliability Fiesta Van is famous for.

Ford Fiesta Van Interior

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